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Envirocrete Inc. is a Calgary family run concrete service business with over 30 years combined experience in concrete construction.

Envirocrete Concrete specialises in architectural concrete and formwork design, in both the domestic and commercial sectors. Contracting to builders, home owners, and landscapers.


We started our company with the intent to provide our customers with a better quality product that is environmentally friendly more so than previous methods and materials while keeping our prices competitive.

With our love for Canada and its beautiful nature and living so close to the Rocky Mountains and its extravagant forests, lakes, wild life, and mountains we wanted to create something that can has a focus on environmentally sustainable work practices. In doing so we are providing a better future for the environment, us, and our children.

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How we are striving to be better

One of the ways we are trying to make a positive impact  is by incorporating fly ash into our concrete mixes. It works like cement and produces allot of the same characteristics as cement without loosing any compressive strength in the concrete and in some cases has tested to have higher Mpa over time than just using cement.

What is fly ash?, fly ash is a bi-product that’s left over from coal mining production that then gets sent to landfill sites and buried, it is highly toxic and horrible for the environment. By us using it combined with cement we can save allot of that waste product from polluting our landfills.

Another positive is the less cement we make the better as the worlds 3rd biggest producer of Co2 emissions is the creation of cement through the break down of lime stone. Where the limestone is heated up in a giant kiln and all that Co2 gets sent into our atmosphere contributing severely to our current green house gas problem the worlds facing right now.

About Us & Our Vision

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