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About Acid Stained Concrete

The process, different designs available, costs, and applications

Applying an acid stain to a concrete surface can bring back to life old boring, plain, dull looking surfaces.


Acid stains can give concrete a look of deep marbling, along with a colour different from all other traditional types of flooring.


Acid staining your concrete surface can be done over 1-2 days and is relatively inexpensive and is a great option for concrete restoration or repair. It also saves you having to replace your concrete slab, which can be quite costly.


After all the preparation work is done the acid stain is applied and you'll be left with a beautiful and unique flooring design.

Acid Stain for Concrete
acid washed concrete calgary

If you would like any concrete work done here are some common projects we manage for our customers:

Driveways + Extensions

Garages + Aprons

Sidewalks + Patios

Concrete stairs + Retaining wall + Planters

Common finishes available

Stamped pattern

Exposed aggregate


Machined power trowel


Acid Stained Concrete

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