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About Coloured  Concrete

The process, different designs available, costs, and applications

Coloured concrete comes from adding iron oxide to the concrete mix at the local concrete batch plant. The iron oxide has particles that are x10 that of cement and cover them to form a consistent layer of colour.


This in turn creates different types of earthy colours typically darker shades that the original grey its self, however it is possible to go lighter and use white cement that is quite expensive.

It is important to make sure that as a concrete contractor getting the colour consistently even throughout the loads in paramount. 

To do this you need to make sure your water to cement ratios are even through the job adding water during or after in the finishing process will discolour your product leaving inconsistencies.

If you are interested in getting some custom coloured concrete poured at your home we have a free online calculator that can give you a close estimate online cost estimator

At Envirocrete we are a locally owed family business here in Calgary Alberta. Please reach out if you have any questions at all or would like to arrange for an onsite estimate.


If you would like any concrete work done here are some common projects we manage for our customers:

Driveways + Extensions

Garages + Aprons

Sidewalks + Patios

Concrete stairs + Retaining wall + Planters

Common finishes available

Stamped pattern

Exposed aggregate


Machined power trowel


Coloured Concrete

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