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About Exposed Aggregate Concrete

The process, different designs available, costs, and applications

Exposed Aggregate is a decorative concrete that has natural stones from river beds and quarries that is mixed in with cement, sand and water .


A touch of class combined with durability makes exposed aggregate an ideal choice for pool decks, patios, driveways, sidewalks, entranceways and more.


There is a large variety of different types of stones, glass, metal shavings can be utilized to create a beautiful concrete surface finish

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Understanding the process of installing exposed aggregate concrete work. Like the stamped pattern system the concrete is troweled dead flat after being placed.

The concrete is then sprayed with a highly concentrated surface retarder that prevents the top 1/4" from properly setting. That day or the next depending on the weather and type of surface retarder being used, the concrete work will be high pressure washed off. This will leave the exposed aggregate stone showing underneath.

The next stop will be to saw cut the concrete if required, pressure wash again, then apply an protective adhesive sealer to the surface.

The costs associated with getting exposed aggregate work done is usually increased from the higher concrete costs because the decorative aggregate stone added and the labour to come back and wash, cut and seal the finished concrete work post job.

If you would like to get a close estimate for getting some exposed aggregate work done around your home please feel free to use our online cost calculator

Or if you would like to get in contact directly to someone at Envirocrete concrete contractors and potentially use our services in Calgary Alberta our contact number is below

Unsealed Exposed Aggregate

unsealed exposed aggregate concrete calg

Sealed Exposed Aggregate

exposed aggregate sealed envirocrete loc

If you would like any concrete work done here are some common projects we manage for our customers:

Driveways + Extensions

Garages + Aprons

Sidewalks + Patios

Concrete stairs + Retaining wall + Planters

Common finishes available

Stamped pattern

Exposed aggregate


Machined power trowel

Exposed Aggregate
Concrete Finishes

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