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About Polished 


The process, different designs available, costs, and applications

Polished concrete comes from a series of steps after a slab has been poured it's then mechanically ground down by  polishing/grinding.


This process also includes the use of a hardening chemical that penetrates the surface to create a dust free surface.  The concrete surface polishing typically involves 6 minimum steps to reach a basic polish. The grinding tools work in a series of progessive grits of industrial diamonds in a bonded with other materials called diamond polishing pads.


Concrete is not considered polished before it reaches 800 grit,, and usually the polished concrete slab will be finished to either the 800, 1500, or 3000 level of grit. There are other textures that can be incorporated into the slab such as scoring, creating  lines, bands, borders, and other designs. Concrete polishing can also have certain dyes applied to add colour to polished concrete surface.

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polished concrete slab

Polishing concrete and sanding wood are a very similar procress. The machines used are equipped with diamond-segmented abrasives, that are used to grind down concrete surfaces to the desired degree of smoothness and shine.


The process gradually involves going from coarser grit to a finer grit abrasive. 

Concrete polishing can  be done with either wet or dry methods. Both has its advantages, dry polishing seems to be the industry standard and most commonly used practice by most concrete contractors because its faster, more convenient, and environmentally friendly.


Wet polishing uses water to cool the diamond abrasives and eliminate grinding dust. Because the water reduces friction and acts as a lubricant, it increases the life of the polishing abrasives.


The main disadvantage here is the cleanup and the slurry it creates which needs to be collected and disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. However dry polishing requires no water. The floor polishing system will be hooked up to a dust management system to vacuum up all those toxic particles.

If you would like any concrete work done here are some common projects we manage for our customers:

Driveways + Extensions

Garages + Aprons

Sidewalks + Patios

Concrete stairs + Retaining wall + Planters

Common finishes available

Stamped pattern

Exposed aggregate


Machined power trowel

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Polished Concrete Surfaces

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