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Floating staircases have become a normal sight in several homes across Calgary since they give a clean look. Their supporting structures aren’t visible unless you search for them, so all you can see are the stairs, just like they were floating to the sky. The best is that they can be made of any material, so you can pick the one that fits your house style the most.

However, one type of floating staircase has been stealing everybody’s heart, and it is the trend of the moment: floating concrete staircases.

There are several reasons for its success, but some of the most important is that concrete has a low cost and high durability. That means that, even though you are paying less for it, your staircase will likely live for decades.

Resistance and Maintenance if Floating Concrete Staircases

Concrete is resistant to several things, including fire, and it requires almost no maintenance. Besides that, concrete stairs are way quieter than wood, and they can be molded to any shape you want. It is also a good environmentally sustainable material, especially if you hire the right service to make your floating concrete staircase.

If it is the style that concerns you, don’t worry. Concrete brings an industrial feel to any space, but it is still minimalist and clean. Since it is such a versatile material, it can adapt to almost any type of aesthetic, so certainly, it won’t be a hard fit for your house.

A floating concrete staircase looks divine when matched with glass, so you can check out some inspirational photos of it to understand more about its modern yet very unique style.

Of course, this type of staircase is perfectly secure. Concrete can handle a lot of weight, even when it is used on a floating staircase. There are some different ways of supporting the stair without showing the support bars. For example, you can use a cantilever or a load-bearing wall. What’s essential is to have a professional team helping you so they can secure the design and architecture.

This staircase can be used indoors or outdoors, looking great both ways. When it is placed outdoors, the stairs usually are shaped in square shape and put slightly above one another in front of the house’s main door or the garden. Indoors, they look like most floating staircases but with all the beauty and charm that only a concrete staircase has.

Floating staircases may look modern since there are no apparent supports. However, it is very safe, and most people also put glass and steel handrails on the sides of it, so the person using the stair has more support. There are many possible designs for it, yet all take into consideration safety.

The Options for Floating Concrete Staircases are Endless

Remember that concrete can be painted any colour you want. Therefore, it is easier to match your house aesthetic than wood, for example. Even commercial buildings use it, like offices and restaurants. There are infinite possibilities when the matter is floating concrete staircases.

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