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Concrete Floating Stairs Services


Floating stairs are designed in a way that their supporting structures are hidden. Whether made of concrete, wood, or any other material, floating stairs have clean lines that create a minimalistic feel to any space. Whether indoor or outdoor, concrete floatings stairs are a great option to make your home or business more modern.

For any staircase, there needs to be some supporting structure to keep it from crumbling down. Some floating stairs use a hidden cantilever as the main supporting structure directly attached to the wall. However, this is only possible because the wall is load-bearing. For non-load-bearing walls, our team will install posts, and the cantilever will be like a steel frame. 

We can even create a wall of glass to use as a supporting element to keep the staircase up. In some cases, we can create a central spine for a staircase that still gives a unique illusion. There are many ways to play around when it comes to floating stairs.


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Floating Staircase Design

A floating staircase’s design should be taken into consideration depending on who will be using the stairs. It is important to understand that different supporting structures can handle different weights. If you use a cantilever supporting structure, the supporting wall will be able to handle different amounts of weight. A load-bearing wall can handle a lot more than a non-load-bearing one. This is why you need to make sure to have professionals design and build your concrete floating stairs.

Why Concrete?

Compared to other materials for making stairs, concrete is a great option because of its low cost and durability. Additionally, the material is resistant to fire, requires little to no maintenance, and concrete stairs do not creak. Not to mention, the fluid aspect of concrete allows it to be poured into any shape you want. 

As minimalism is becoming more popular, concrete adds an industrial feel to any space without taking away the minimalistic style that you might want to achieve. Additionally, concrete floating stairs look beautiful when paired with glass, creating a modern and unique look to any room. Not to mention, concrete is a versatile material that allows you to paint it any color you’d like to match your home’s aesthetic.

Environmentally Sustainable

We love Canada and its beautiful nature. Therefore, Envirocrete Concrete strives to use environmentally sustainable work practices. We incorporate fly ash into our concrete mixes. Fly ash is a bi-product that is left over from coal mining production, which often gets sent to landfills and buried. It is highly toxic and detrimental to the environment. By using it in our concrete mix, we can save a lot of waste products from polluting our planet.

At Envirocrete Concrete, we specialize in concrete design. If you want top-notch concrete floating stairs, our team of experts is more than happy to help you bring your vision to life. Our company started because we wanted to bring better quality products to our clients while still being conscious about the environment. Our team of experts will be more than happy to help you take your home or business to the next level with beautiful concrete floating stairs.


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