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About Plain 

Concrete Finishes

The process, different designs available, costs, and applications

Concrete is the most used man made product in the world. Strength and Durability. Used in the majority of buildings, bridges, tunnels and dams for its strength, versatility, durability low Maintenance, affordability, and fire-resistance just to name a few.

However even though it has been very popular in its industrial use, it still has a strong presence in the residential sectors. People are consistently using concrete in and around their homes in new and more creative ways every day.

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There are a few options available for original plain grey concrete surface finishes. These include


• Plain smooth trowel

• Power machine trowel (black mirror look)

• Float texture finish 

• Broomed texture finish

• Polished concrete floor

Some of the applications for this concrete finish:

• Driveways and Extensions


• Garages and Aprons


• Sidewalks and Patios


• Concrete stairs, Retaining walls, and Planters

Most concrete contractors will include these finishes at no extra cost with their service. It typically is included with all plain grey finishes.


Here at Envirocrete concrete services we let our clients choose what finish they'd prefer as plain grey concrete sometimes is a more economical solution over more expensive concrete finishes such as coloured, stamped pattern, or exposed aggregate concrete finishes.

If you would like to get an instant online estimate for concrete work done around your home feel free to use out online cost calculator here.

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Plain Concrete Finishes

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